Meta Ethics Diagram

Katie Browell
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Diagram of Meta ethics, definitions, philosophers

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Meta Ethics Diagram
1 Cognitivist
1.1 Naturalism
1.1.1 Aquinas, Kant, Bradely
1.1.2 Good is empirical, based on evidence
1.2 Institutionalism
1.2.1 Moore, Ross
1.2.2 Good is a non-definable property
1.3 the belief that ethics language has true meaning, words are meaningful because they have factual basis
2 Non Cognitivist
2.1 Emotivism
2.1.1 Ayer, Stevenson
2.1.2 Good is what our emotions tell us
2.2 Prescriptivism
2.2.1 Hare
2.2.2 Good is that which commands universal action
2.3 the belief that words cannot be meaningful because they are no subject to being true or false
3 The discussion of the nature of ethical statements, analysing their validity and usefulness seeking to find meaning to moral judgements.
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