Order & Disorder

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This was meant to be serious but fandom took over.

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Order & Disorder
1 People
1.1 Riots
1.1.1 Terrorists 911 ISIS Taliban
1.1.2 Strikes Tube Teachers NHS Firefighters
1.1.3 Percy Jackson Fans :P
1.1.4 Hunger Games
1.2 Disabled
1.2.1 Mental
1.2.2 Physical
1.3 War
1.3.1 Soldiers
1.3.2 Weapons Guns Bombs Knives
2 Places
2.1 A city
2.2 Earth
2.2.1 Solar System
2.2.2 Space
2.2.3 Moon
2.2.4 Sun
3 Natural World
3.1 Freak weather
3.1.1 Tsnami 2004
3.1.2 Flood Boscastle
3.1.3 Earthquake Haiti
3.1.4 Volcano Iceland Flights cancelled
3.1.5 Lightning Thor Mjolnir Loki Tom Hiddleston Chris Hemsworth
4 Activities
4.1 Festivals
4.1.1 Glastonbury
4.1.2 End of the road
4.2 Carnivals
4.3 A sporting event
4.3.1 A football match World Cup Derbys Final
4.3.2 Runs
4.3.3 Olympics
4.3.4 Tour of Britain/France
4.4 Comic Cons
4.4.1 Fandoms
5 Methods of Order
5.1 Goverments
5.1.1 Dictators President Snow
5.2 Police
5.2.1 The Law
5.2.2 Brute Force
5.2.3 Handcuffs
6 Imagination
6.1 Dreams
6.1.1 Strange
6.1.2 Anything Possible
6.1.3 Nightmares Loved ones dying Steven Moffat Sherlock Martin Freeman Hedgehogs Benedict Cumberbatch SMAUG Mark Gatiss EVIL Doctor Who Daleks LOVE HATE & ORDERS Weeping angels DON'T BLINK Cybermen UPGRADE The Silence SILENCE WILL FALL WHEN THE QUESTION IS ASKED Vashta Nerada The Doctor Christopher Eccleston David Tennant Matt Smith Peter Capaldi T.A.R.D.I.S Monsters
6.2 Emotion
6.2.1 Love Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life Youtube Pewdiepie Internet Computer Microsoft Facebook Google Childhood ruined Miley Cyrus
6.2.2 Hate
6.2.3 Happiness
6.2.4 Sorrow Hiatus The Feels Reichenbach Fall BADWOLF Rose Tyler THE PONDS Amy Rory Bucky Phil Colson Gwen
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