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New South Wales - Higher School Certificate (HSC) English (Module A: Frankenstein and Bladerunner) Mind Map on Parallels, created by janmart.tenedora on 06/23/2013.

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1 Purpose
1.1 Shelley
1.1.1 Warns people of the consequences Going too far with science Superseding God
1.2 Scott
1.2.1 Reveals the consequences When science takes over 'Playing God' Ultimate destruction of humanity and nature
2 Roy and Creature
2.1 BR draws an undercurrent
2.1.1 in the Frnk myth sympathy for creature
2.1.2 successfully maps how film similarily elicits our sympathy for replicants
2.2 posses a compelling eloquence
2.3 ironically more 'human' than human
2.3.1 Passion for life Frnk: nature Br: Roy saves Deckard
2.3.2 Possess more vision
3 Scenes
3.1 Mountain metaphor
3.1.1 Confrontation of gigantic pyramid-like structure parallel with Mont Blanc Meeting place between creation and creator Frnk: Creature and Victor Victor ascends to meet BR: Roy and Eldon Roy ascends to meet Frnk: "sublime and magnificent" aritculated through Romantic language BR: doesn't exhibit illusive, indefinable beauty of sublime nature Embodies synthetic artificiality Mathematically and mechanically defined
4 Rejection
4.1 Not accepted in society due to 'appearance'
4.1.1 Both reveal enmity during confrontation Frankenstein Spiteful nature caused by humanities unwillingness to accept "unearthly ugliness" Bladerunner malignity caused by fear from humanity treated as mere objects. Killing euphemised to "retirement"
4.2 Feared by creators
5 Humanity
5.1 In the end, audience feels more sympathy towards the 'monsters'
5.2 Both feel more passion than humans
5.3 More human than human

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