Noah's Ark


Childcare Mind Map on Noah's Ark, created by Hinda Katzel on 05/22/2018.
Hinda Katzel
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Hinda Katzel
Created by Hinda Katzel about 5 years ago
Hinda Katzel
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Hinda Katzel
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Noah's Ark
  1. Outcome 1 - Children have a strong sense of identity
    1. Role play
      1. Vet
        1. Boat
          1. Farm
          2. Our job is to help Hashem keep his beautiful world clean
            1. Can do this by making rainbow mitzvah choices
            2. The people were vary mean to each other in the story of Noah
              1. How do our actions effect others?
                1. How can we be kind friends?
              2. Outcomes: 2 - Children are connected with and contribute to their world
                1. We have a special job to look after the world Hashem has given us
                  1. Looking after the enviroment
                    1. Caring for all of Hashems creatures like Noah did on the ark
                    2. The animals boarded the ark in pairs
                      1. Pair work between children
                      2. Exploring animals that were on the ark
                        1. life cycle of the animals
                          1. animals from around the world
                            1. Kosher animals
                          2. Outcomes: 4 - Children are confident and involved learners
                            1. The first Rainbow was shown by Hashem as a promise not to flood the world again.
                              1. Math sorting colours
                                1. Science, mixing colours
                                2. Floating and Sinking
                                  1. The world was flooded
                                    1. What happens when it rains
                                      1. Water cycle
                                        1. Shaving cream raincloud
                                        2. Wind
                                          1. Which objects move when blown
                                            1. Exploring heavy and light objects
                                        3. Sensory
                                          1. animal patterns
                                            1. Animal Tracks
                                              1. Weather
                                                1. Zoo
                                                  1. what do we think clouds feel like?
                                                2. Outcomes: 3- Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
                                                  1. Hashem made a flood to wash the world clean
                                                    1. Importance of hygiene and keeping our bodies clean
                                                    2. Weather
                                                      1. Different types of weather, going from Summer to Winter
                                                        1. How can we be sunsmart
                                                          1. Clothing for winter
                                                            1. Clothing for Summer
                                                              1. Staying Healthy
                                                                1. Hw to cough and sneeze in elbow
                                                                  1. using tissues
                                                            2. Outcomes: 5 - Children are effective communicators
                                                              1. Exploring Animals
                                                                1. Animal prints
                                                                  1. Songs
                                                                    1. Feather Painting
                                                                    2. The story of Noahs ark
                                                                      1. Animal names letter/ word recognition
                                                                        1. Kosher animals
                                                                          1. Split hooves, chews cud
                                                                            1. fins and scales
                                                                              1. Parchment is made from Kosher animals
                                                                                1. Torah
                                                                                  1. Mezuzah
                                                                                2. Exploring weather
                                                                                  1. Terminology for weather
                                                                                    1. Water Cycle
                                                                                    2. Songs
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