Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment
1 What is crime?
1.1 Breaking of a law established by a goverment
1.2 For which there is a punishment
2 Causes of Crime
2.1 Poverty
2.1.1 For some people crime is the only way to afford basic necessities of life
2.2 Envy
2.2.1 Some people feel it is unfair that they have so little compared to others
2.3 Drugs
2.3.1 People by commit crimes to fund their drug adductiion
2.4 Prejudice
2.4.1 Hatred of another group of people can lead to crime against them
2.5 Peer Pressure
2.5.1 Young people may feel pressurized into committing crime by their peers
2.6 Boredom
2.6.1 Some young or unemployed people commit crime because they feel they have nothing else to do
2.7 Eduction
2.7.1 Lack of educational opportunities can lead to poor work opportunities and housing
3 Aims of Punishment
3.1 Protection
3.1.1 Society needs to be protected, partically from rapists or murders
3.1.2 Also protects offernders against themselve
3.2 Deterrence
3.2.1 It is hoped people punished for a crime will not commit again
3.2.2 Others consisering to commit crime will be put off
3.3 Retribution
3.3.1 Old testament idea of 'a life for a life, an eye for an eye'
3.3.2 The victim 'gets even' on the criminal
3.4 Vindication
3.4.1 If society is to be safe, crime must be punished
3.4.2 Criminals must be shown that crime will not be tolerated and law must be respected
3.5 Reform
3.5.1 Rather than seeking revenge, the offender has a chance to repent
3.5.2 The Christian aim of punishment Jesus often spoke of the need to forgive
3.5.3 Chance to offer something posititve back to society
4 Types of Punishment
4.1 Imprisonment
4.1.1 When a person is put in jail for committing a crime (usually more serious criminals)
4.2 Fines
4.2.1 Sums of money paid to the court
4.2.2 Used for a variety of offences
4.3 Community Service
4.3.1 Unpaid Work for the community
4.3.2 Eg. Cleaning or tending to public gardens
4.4 Probation/ Suspended Sentence
4.4.1 Allowing a (usually) first time offender not to go to prison but to live normally subject to certain conditions
5 Capital Punishment
5.1 For
5.1.1 Protection It provides absolute protection from society
5.1.2 Deterrences It is the most effective Deterrent
5.1.3 Retribution 'An eye for an eye'- when someone murders, their own life should be taken
5.1.4 Reformation A 2nd chance is not deserved the victim didn't have one
5.2 Against
5.2.1 Protection Many murders not a danger to society
5.2.2 Deterrence Evidence form the US shows that it doesn't work
5.2.3 Retribution Encourages Revenge, which is a negative and harmful attitude
5.2.4 Reformation The offender has no chance to reform and become a useful citizen

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