Boston Tea Party


Mind Map on Boston Tea Party, created by Shelby Smith on 06/11/2018.
Shelby Smith
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Shelby Smith
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Boston Tea Party
    1. United the colonists against the British
      1. People realized how much they disliked British Rule
      2. Made Parliament very angry
        1. Caused the close of Boston Harbor
        2. CAUSES:
          1. Britain put a tax on tea
            1. Tea was a favorite drink in the colonies
              1. Colonists were unhappy with the tax
              2. DATES:
                1. Dec. 16, 1773
                2. PEOPLE:
                  1. Colonists
                    1. Parliament
                    2. EVENT DETAILS:
                      1. Colonists dressed up as Native Americans
                        1. Colonists boarded a ship in the Boston Harbor and threw the tea out into the water
                          1. Hundreds of pounds of tea dumped overboard
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