Just In Time Manufacture

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Just In Time Manufacture
1 Origin
1.1 JIT was invented in Japan by the car company Toyota
1.2 Based on "The Elimination Of Waste JIT And Automation"
2 Examples/Sources of Waste Production
2.1 Processing Time
2.2 Overproduction
2.3 Inventory - Waste created when Stocks are kept
2.4 Transportation or Movement
2.5 Defects - Products thrown away due to faults
3 The Kanban
3.1 The Japanese for 'card or 'sign' its used visually to keep a controlled, everlasting flow of production.The Kanban can have many forms and will carry information about the products being produced.
4 When Should It Be Used?
4.1 When making quite a large number of units
4.2 When quality can be assured
4.3 When short setup times on machines are needed
4.4 When producing a high-value product
4.5 When having a steady production of defined standard products
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