NT1210 Chapter Four Mind Map

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NT1210 Chapter Four Mind Map
1 Sending Bits with electricity and copper wires
1.1 AC/DC circuits
1.1.1 DC current flows oneway
1.1.2 AC current alternating flow Frequency, amplitude, period. and phase encoding scheme
1.2 Electrical circuits using network cabling
1.2.1 NIC, port, interface, sockets
1.2.2 Transmitter < Bits flow right to left >Reciever
1.3 Sending Data over electrical circuits
1.3.1 Bit rate
1.3.2 Encoding Bits over one circuits encoding scheme
1.3.3 Sending Bits over multiple circuits full/half duplex
1.4 Problems w/sending data using electricity
1.4.1 distance
1.4.2 EMI
1.5 Ethernet LANs example
1.5.1 IEEE Standards 10BASE-T/100BASE-T, etc...
1.5.2 UTP cables
1.5.3 Bit rate and encoding
1.5.4 RJ-45 connectors snd Sockets
2 Sending Bits with light and fiber optic cables
3 Sending Bits with radio waves and no cables
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