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for people trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle


Mind Map on for people trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle, created by ambreen roojee on 07/13/2018.
ambreen roojee
Mind Map by ambreen roojee, updated more than 1 year ago
ambreen roojee
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for people trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle
  1. good diet
    1. who-people who have diseases and need to improve their diet or pople who would like to maintain a healthy diet
      1. what-to support and help those who want to change their lives
        1. why-so people can prevent diseases i.e. diabetes
        2. mental health
          1. who-those who suffer from mental health issues
            1. how-keep a positive mindset and maybe attend therapy
              1. why-keeping a healthy helps to keep a healthy lifestyle
              2. fitness
                1. where-school, work, park and gym
                  1. who- people who want to keep fit or athletes
                    1. why-because people want a heathier happier life
                    2. acceptance
                      1. understanding that results do not show straight away and appreciate that no matter what all body types are amazing and accepted regardless
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