Effective Training Program

Mischa Williams
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Mischa Williams
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Effective Training Program
  1. 1. Assess Training Needs
    1. 2. Set Training Objectives
      1. 3. Create Training Action Plan
        1. 4. Implement Training
          1. 5. Evaluate and Revise Training Objectives
            1. Organization level: Assess the be sure it met the training objectives
              1. Organization level: Implement the training program
            2. Organization level: Create a training program consisting of training methods, theory, and material.
              1. Job Level:
                1. Person level:
            3. Organizational Level: Identify gaps in the current training program
              1. Job Level:
                1. Person level:
                2. Organizational Level: Look for problems employees are facing
                  1. Job Level:
                    1. Person level:
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