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Asexual sexual

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1 Asexual
1.1 creation of new individual without fusion of gametes
1.2 no production of gametes except parthenogenesis


  • only eggs
1.3 rely on mitotic division
1.4 all genes come from 1 parent
1.5 rapidly produce offspring
1.5.1 genetically identical unless mutation
1.6 vegetative propagation (plant)
1.6.1 stolon horizontal stem on ground can produce new clone from buds at intervals strawberry
1.6.2 bulb short underground stem to which overlapping onion
1.6.3 rhizome horizontal underground stem ginger new aerial shoot arise from axillary buds on the rhizome
1.6.4 tuber swollen underground stem store food root stem potato
1.6.5 corm very short & erect underground stem water chestnut
1.6.6 leaf leaf margin produce plantlets bryophyllum
1.6.7 sucker root produce new plant banana
1.7 in animal
1.7.1 parthenogenesis(virgin birth) egg develop into young without fertelised komodo dragon aphids


  • use when food is ample to exploit the food
1.7.2 budding formation bud fom parent cell grows, detaches & germinates yeast
1.7.3 binary fission unicellular divides into 2 receive DNA, ribosomes & cytoplasm amoeba
1.7.4 regeneration parent body breaks, each grow into organism starfish
2 sexual
2.1 fusion of sperm & oocytes
2.2 genetically different
2.3 trasnfer RNA & DNA to progeny
2.4 involves gametogenesis & feterlization


  • gametogenesis= formation of gametes
2.4.1 internal copulation


  • male delivers sperm directly into female fusion inside terrestrial org devp. of embryos oviparity fertelize-inside, devp.-outside animal lays eggs chicken viviparty devp. occur inside gain nutrient directly from mother retained in uterus for a period tiger ovoviparity devp. inside shelled eggs in mother's body matured, hatched & released embryo obtain nutrient (eggyolk) shark
2.4.2 external aquatic org


  • frog fish fusion outside body mating partners release gamete simultaneously short lifetime/many released
2.5 permit recombination of DNA (adv)
2.6 enhances survival
3 new species formed & genetic material are passed down to next generation
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