Risk evaluation

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Risk evaluation
1 On policy level:
1.1 n incidents during a certain time period
1.1.1 Total loss z = x_1+...+x_n, where x_i denotes the loss of the i-th incident
2 On portfolio level:
2.1 N different claim sizes during a certain time period
2.1.1 Total portfolio loss Z = X_1+...+X_N, where X_i denotes the total loss of the i-th type of claim
3 Compensations will differ according to the type of contract:
3.1 z = actual total replacement value, f(x)= actual compensation of the each loss:
3.1.1 z = f(x_1)+...+f(x_n)
3.1.2 Given the i-th loss x_i, the contract f(x_i) determines the i-th compensation. Can now include the possibility of e.g. only covering losses x_i within a certain range, say [y,y+b], for y,b > 0: f(x_i) = 0 if x_i < y f(x_i) = x_i - y, if y < x_i < y+b f(x_i) = b, if x_i > y+b where y denotes a certain deductible (Reinsurance can be arranged in a similar way)
3.2 The insurance company is not necessarily obliged to cover the whole loss of the policy holder!
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