A Christmas Carol Revision Mind Map

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A Christmas Carol Revision Mind Map
  1. Scrooge
    1. Miserable
      1. At the start of the novella, he was very miserable, mean and very negative towards others
      2. Selfish
        1. He is very selfish because he doesn't give any of his money away to charity
          1. He is that selfish that he is shown as a person who is: cold-hearted, mean and dull
            1. He is selfish because when it is time to close his work-place, he tells his clerk that he might have to work on Christmas day
          2. Greedy
            1. At the start, he is very greedy for his money and he choses not to spend any of his towards charities, his clerk and for resources that he might need
              1. However, at the end of the novella, he is a changed man and it seems that it is no longer greedy with his money
            2. At the end of the novella, it seems that all of a sudden he loves chrismas that he is giving his clerk a pay rise and he day off. It even seems that he is a bit charitable because he is happy and charitable
            3. Bob Cratchit
              1. He is very nice and he loves Christmas. He even sings festive songs, play festive games and eat a dinner from a low pay from Scrooge
                1. He is heroic because he always finds a way to find the best out of bad things
                  1. He has a low pay but he is still happy and he can allow his family to have a meal on the table - this shows that even though he gets a low pay, he can afford for his family to have a dinner
                    1. He is one of those characters that is not miserable even though he has a boss that is miserable (until the end)
                    2. Tiny Tim
                      1. He is one of Bob Cratchits children and he is a nice boy who, loves Christmas so much
                        1. He is heroic because even though he is an ill child, he still finds a way to help otherss
                          1. As a character, it seems like he is a very religious boy as he says "God" several times in the novella
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