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How Do I Define American Identity In The 21st Century? Thesis: American identity as I define it, is anyone who wants to live the "American Dream". No matter the race or ethnicity, everyone has a chance to be successful and live with freedom.


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How Do I Define American Identity In The 21st Century? Thesis: American identity as I define it, is anyone who wants to live the "American Dream". No matter the race or ethnicity, everyone has a chance to be successful and live with freedom.
  1. Economy
    1. The creation of NAFTA during Bill Clinton's presidency, which allowed for free trade between the US, Canada, and Mexico. (YAWP)
      1. With NAFTA in place, this meant that a much bigger and open market flow between three countries. Because of this many factories relocated to northern Mexico which they took advantage of the low wage and also many Mexicans decided to immigrate into the US to find jobs. Although they are not legally a US citizen, they share the same values that American citizens have, which is having a job to take care of family and support themselves.
      2. The emergence of new and powerful computing technology in the 1990s. (YAWP)
        1. This "tech boom" allowed many to explore a new field which brought many opportunities for entrepreneurship. This also enabled many people to create and develop their own inventions. This massive "tech boom" is what allowed many to discover their own path and become successful.
        2. The election of president Trump and his affect on the economy. He also pushed to enforce immigration flow and policies. (YAWP)
          1. The tax cut in 2017 would move wealth back towards corporations and wealthy individuals which would create an even bigger economic gap between the rich and poor. President Trump also pushed towards building a wall to stop Mexican and Muslim immigrants from entering the country. Both of these events goes against the American dream to live freely and have equal opportunity for everyone to succeed. (YAWP)
        3. Politics
          1. The decision by Congress to allow President Bush to intervene when Kuwait was being invaded by Iraq, led to the Gulf War, in which many citizens were afraid of due to the memories that followed after the Vietnam War. The war was quickly won after only one hundred hours of ground combat. Because the war ended so quickly and decisively, President Bush won enormous popular support. (YAWP)
            1. This war exemplifies what American citizens truly want, and that is to live in a safe, free country. Because President Bush was able to deploy troops into Kuwait and end the war as fast as possible, American citizens felt that there would not be a large amount of fallen soldiers in war.
            2. The War on Terror when Massachusetts senator John F. Kerry attacked Bush for the ongoing inability to contain the Iraqi insurgency or to find weapons of mass destruction, the revelation and photographic evidence that American soldiers had abused prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad, and the inability to find Osama bin Laden. (YAWP)
              1. This event would cause many to disapprove of the war since many prisoners were abused and tortured. Although they may be enemies, abusing and torturing anyone is morally wrong. This would also go against the American identity since no one wants to be considered evil based off of their governments actions. Bush and his allies also attacked critics for not supporting the troops, and as President attacking the public would be wrong.
              2. The election of president Obama and his position on anitwar. Allowing a new voice to be heard from the African Americans community. (YAWP)
                1. Being the first African American president, this was the first step to hearing the voices from African Americans. Not saying that there wasn't any, but with an African American leader, there was a sense of equality and moving in the right direction.
              3. Historical Events
                1. September 11, 2001 is the day that four airplanes were hijacked by the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and crashed them into the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. (YAWP)
                  1. This tragic event would lead to the deaths of nearly three-thousand lives. This event is part of US history, which means that it shapes everyone in one way or another, whether it be directly or indirectly. No one wants to be targeted by a group of people who plan to kill you, everyone wants safety from violence. (YAWP)
                  2. The Great Recession
                    1. The great recession would lead to many unemployed people and wealth inequalities would increase in margins. The increase in wealth inequalities would continue to separate the lower and higher classes and cause a major gap between the two classes. This would put lower classed people at a greater disadvantage, which goes against the equal opportunity for everyone. (YAWP)
                  3. Equality
                    1. Clinton took a step forward in the process of creating quality for everyone. He pushed through a compromise plan that removed about any questions regarding sexual orientation. (YAWP)
                      1. By doing this, Clinton helped take down a "barrier" that would divide homosexuals and non-homosexuals. Although this may not be the perfect plan, it is a step forward in seeing homosexuals as an equal rather than an alien. This topic on LGBTQ is a very touchy topic in the present day since it has become much more popular. LGBTQs are also humans like everyone else and would like the same equality and respect that a non-LGBTQ would receive.
                      2. The events of hurricane Katrina and when critics charged that Bush had staffed his administration with incompetent supporters and had further ignored the displaced poor and black residents of New Orleans. (YAWP)
                        1. When black residents and the poor feel as if they were ignored by the president and no extra help was sent, this impairs their equal rights. Everyone should be able to receive the same help and care. No certain group of people should receive less care just because they are different.
                        2. In 2006 when there were waves of massive protests across the country fighting for immigrants. (YAWP)
                          1. This event would show that US citizens may have their rights, but they would also like to help those who don't and are coming from other places to find work or live a better life. US citizens are fighting for others equality, and in the US everyone should have equal opportunity to strive for their dreams.
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