Egyptian Civilization

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Egyptian Civilization
1 Geography
1.1 The Nile River
1.1.1 The Nile River flow North throw Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea.
1.1.2 The most important the Nile provide Ancient Egypt was the fertile plain . The most of the Egypt is Desert, but along the River NIle is rich fertile soil.
1.1.3 Seasons The Egyptian frame their calendar. They divided their calendar into three seasons. Akhet, Peret and Shemu.
2 Egypt under Pharoah
2.1 Pharaohs belonging to dynasties ruled Egypt and were seen as god. He perform rituals and build temples to honour the gods.
2.2 The most powerful person in Ancient Egypt was Pharaohs.The pharaohs was the political and religious leader of the Egypt people.
2.3 He made all the Law, collected taxes, and defended Egypt against forneigers.
3 Society
3.1 Egyptian society was shaped like a pyramid. The Pharaoh was at the top of that pyramid. Just below the Pharaoh were Nobles, Priests, and Officials.
3.1.1 Scribes who kept the records of for its bureaucracy. Merchant and the Artisans made up a Middle level. Farmers were lower on the social pyramid. Slaves were at the bottom of the social pyramid. Priest were responsible for making god happy. Scribes were the only people who could read and wrtie and were responsible for keeping records.
4 Religion
4.1 Religion played and important role in the life of the people of Egypt. It creates common understandings and shared values that are essential to the growth of a civilization.
4.2 Polythetistic, Astronomy, medicine, geography, agriculture art, and laws all blended into or part of religion so everyone need to belive in god.
4.3 There are hundreds of different gods. Most god head f the animal and the body of the humans.
5 Trade
5.1 Ancient Egyptian produced excess crops and mined valuable stone and metals. They were able to trade with the foreign countries.
5.2 Egypt also trade cedar wood.
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