P4- Plan a research project- In year 12 and 13, are sixth form students sleep deprived?


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P4- Plan a research project- In year 12 and 13, are sixth form students sleep deprived?
  1. Background Knowledge
    1. Many parents are concerned that their children, especially teenagers, are sleep deprived. There is a natural worry that teens are sabotaging their current school performance and future opportunities for educational success by sleeping too little.
      1. Few Teenagers don't get recommended amount of sleep
        1. Older teens who sleep 7 hours a night tend to have the highest test scores
          1. Teens who sleep less than 6 hours a night or more than 11 hours tend to do poorly on tests.
            1. National recommendations in the U.S. are that children and teens should get 9.:25 hours of sleep a night
            2. Reasons why i'm conducting
              1. I want to find out if sleep deprivation effects concertration and the ablity to do well at school.
                1. does it effect health issues later in life? or already suffer because of sleep deprivation
                  1. More sleep give you better grades
                    1. Why does your sleep depreviaton occur?
                    2. How?
                      1. Questionniares
                        1. Self completion questionaire
                          1. Open
                          2. Why?
                            1. user satisfaction with collections and services
                              1. relevance of collections and services to user needs
                                1. trends (by repetition over time).
                              2. Interviews
                                1. Interview consisting of open questions
                                  1. Why?
                                    1. Investigates issues in an depth way
                                      1. discover how individuals think and feel about a topic and why they hold certain opinions
                                        1. deepen understanding and explain statistical data
                                      2. Trinagulation
                                        1. Year 12 and 13
                                          1. questionnaire followed up by an interview and possibly a focus group
                                            1. Why?
                                              1. A weakness in one method could be avoided by using a second method that is strong in the area that the first is weak.
                                          2. Pilot study
                                            1. 10 people.
                                              1. Random sample of year 12 and 13
                                              2. Secondry data
                                                1. www.medicaldaily.com ulcerative-colitis-risk-raised-mild-sleep-deprivation-sweet-spot-between-8-and-9-hours-307606
                                                  1. http://www.journalsleep.org/ViewAbstract.aspx?pid=24429
                                                    1. http://health.ninemsn.com.au/healthnews/8918155/rest-up-sleep-deprivation-makes-us-immora
                                                      1. http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/568001/20140929/lethargy-bab-behaviour-biological-clock-sleep-deprivation.htm
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