B2 - Keeping Healthy

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B2 - Keeping Healthy
1 Microbial Diseases
1.1 Body Barriers
1.1.1 Immune System - Phagocytes and Lymphocytes
1.2 Antimicrobial Drugs
1.2.1 Antimicrobial resistance
1.2.2 Drugs Trials 1. drugs is tested on human cells - grown in a lab to test how safe it is, how well it works against the disease 2. drug is tested on an animal as a trial, make sure the drug works as on animals as it does on cells grown 3. drug is tested on people, to check bad side effects, see how effective it is
1.3 Vaccinations
1.3.1 Using a safe version of a dangerous Microorganism They react different to different people (side effects)
2 Homeostasis
2.1 Receptors - detect changes in the enviroment, Processors - receive information about these changes and organise the response and Effectors - produce the response to the change
2.1.1 Communication Pathways Nerve Impulses - very fast, short live Hormones - slower, longer lasting effect
2.2 Water Balence
2.2.1 Water Inputs - drinks, food and respiration
2.2.2 Water Outputs - sweating, faeces, breathing, and in urine Urine balances water levels by producing dilute or concentrated urin
3 How the heart works
3.1 Types of Blood vessels
3.1.1 Arteries - carry blood away from the heart, have thick walls, high blood pressure, strong and elastic
3.1.2 Veins - carry blood back to the heart, thin walls, lower blood pressure
3.1.3 Capillaries - branches of the arteries that are really thin, supply nutrients and oxygen, thin walls - substances move quickly and easily
3.1.4 Coronary arteries - supply the heart cells with food and nutrients Heart Disease Risks - Poor diet, smoking, misuse of illegal drugs, stress, excessive alchohol drinking

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