Sovereignity and maistrie in the Wife of Bath

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Sovereignity and maistrie in the Wife of Bath
1 Control of money and property
1.1 L. 310 It is mine good as well as thyn!
1.1.1 In the 14th century a woman's property automatically became her husbands
1.1.2 The Wife objects to her husbands control
2 Control of the body
2.1 l.153 paye his dette
2.1.1 The implies that the husbands owe her sex
2.2 l408 would do hem no plesaunce... til he had maad his rauson
2.3 'might selle my belle chose'
3 Issues concerning constraint and licence
3.1 L.358 Argus with his hundred yen... he shal nat kepe me'
3.2 L.318 you should seye: Wyf, go wher thee liste
4 Use of deception
4.1 L.400 I swoor that al my walkinge out by nighte
4.2 No man han swere and lyen... as a womman kan
5 Dispute and resolution
5.1 L.813 he yaf me al the bridel in myn hond
6 In the tale
6.1 The Knights task
6.1.1 To desire what WOMEN most desire
6.2 The Knight has to give up his freedom
6.2.1 For a year and a day
6.3 Old women gives him an answer
6.3.1 But he has to SUBMIT to her Has to give her himself He concedes to the mastery Gives her the choice to be faithful or not
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