Acute Asthma Exacerbation

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Acute Asthma Exacerbation
1 Pathophysiology
1.1 Allergen
1.1.1 IgE production Mast cells degranulation Release of histamine, bradykinies, leukotrienes, prostaglandin, platelet activating factor Vasodilation of capillaries Mucosal edema Bronchoconstriction Mucous secretion Mucosal inflammation Airway obstruction Activation of lung receptors triggering hyperventilation PaCO2 decrease, pH increases Respiratory alkalosis No change in PaCO2 Air trapping increases the pressure and decreases the perfusion in alveoli Ventilation decreases PaCO2 increases, pH decreases Respiratory acidosis
2 Treatment
2.1 Bronchodilators
2.2 Oxygen/ Ventilator
2.3 Steroids
2.4 Antihistamines
3 Clinical Presentation
3.1 Chest tightness
3.2 Coughing
3.3 Dyspnea
3.4 Wheezing
3.5 Respiratory distress
4 Diagnosis
4.1 Blood work
4.2 Arterial blood gases
4.3 Pulmonary function test
4.4 EKG
5 Risk Factors
5.1 Young children
5.2 Smoking
5.3 Recent viral or bacterial infection
5.4 Environmental irritants
5.5 Asthma history
5.6 Atopic eczema
5.7 Noncompliance to asthma medication
6 Epidemiology
6.1 11 million people have asthma with exacerbation each year in the US
6.2 180,000 deaths annually are attributed to asthma worldwide
6.3 Most asthma deaths occur in ages over 45 years old

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