Geology Revision

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Revision on everything we've learned up to "Folding." WARNING: There's nothing other than everything we've learned up to "Folding" e.g. Structures is not part of this mind map!

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Geology Revision
1 Revision
1.1 Plate Tectonics
1.1.1 Constructive "Plates move away from each other."
1.1.2 Conservative "Plates move past each other."
1.1.3 Destructive Oceanic-Oceanic "Cooler, denser plate subducts under opposite when they meet." Oceanic-Continental "Denser oceanic lithosphere forced under buoyant continental lithosphere." Continental-Continental "Neither plate can subduct, both low density, they both collide."
1.1.4 "Mantle heated below. In hotter areas, rises upwards. Cooler areas, opposite." Convection Current
1.2 Theory of Continental Drift
1.2.1 Fossils of Land Animals E.g. "Couldn't swim to other places because of the mass of water."
1.2.2 The countries fit together like a jigsaw.
1.3 Continents
1.3.1 "Carried slowly about Earth's surface because plates beneath are moving."
1.4 Folding
1.4.1 Strike "Direction of line formed by intersection of a fault."
1.4.2 Apparent Dip "Drift of geologic beds. Seen from any *vertical cross-section* that's not horizonital to the strike of geologic beds."
1.4.3 True Dip "When * is perpendicular to strike of beds."
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