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c/o lack of physical and/or mental energy that is perceived by the person or caregiver to interfere with normal daily activites

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  1. c/o lack of physical and or mental energy that is perceived by the person as interfering with normal daily activites.
    1. Scope= no fatigue to exhaustion
      1. 3 Defining Characteristics of Fatgue:
        1. feeling of weakness causing inability to perform certain activities
          1. Easily fatigued/ Reduced performanace
            1. Mental fatigue causing impaired concentration, memory loss and emotional instability
              1. Leading Causes of Fatigue
                1. Waste product accumulation
                  1. Insufficient supply of substances
                    1. An inflammatory process/response
                      1. Risk Factors
                        1. All ages at risk Greatest risk in older adults and women
                          1. med conditions/tx nutritional status lifestyle choices
                            1. Primary Preventions *Exercise *Good nutrition *adequate sleep *managing stress *vitamin supplements
                              1. Secondary Prevention *population-wide screening efforts to reduce *use fatigue screening tool to ask add't questions to high-risk patients
                                1. Collaborative Interventions *managing poor lifestyle/disease *treat underlying condition to reduce fatigue *exercise/rest therapy *sleep hygiene *nutrition teaching *stress management *pharmacological tx *psychological care
                        2. usually normal & relieved by mental or physical rest but considered abnormal when persistent or severe
                          1. Temporary or chronic (>6 months)
                      2. Subjective Data
                        1. Assessment
                          1. * Subjective/personal description *onset/course *duration & daily pattern *Factors that alleivate or exacerbate *impact on daily life
                            1. Physical Exa,m *inspection: general appearance, gait, skin *palpitation: lymph adenopathy, thyroid nodules, & goiter *auscultation: heart & lungs underlying conditions
                              1. *Diagnostic test to rule out underlying dx
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