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Wood, pine, bamboo Ductile, density, melleable, durability Oak- used for furniture,

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  1. Materials
    1. wood, pine, bamboo, plastic, metal, paper, cardboard
      1. Strength
        1. ductile, density, malleable, durability
        2. Softwoods
          1. Firewood
            1. oak, maple, birch, pine, elm, chestnut
              1. renewable and sustainable
                1. tough, durable, resists splitting, durable in water
              2. beechweed
                1. flooring, furniture, warps easily
                2. pine
                  1. joinery, moldings, light , soft, resists shrinking
                  2. renewable source
                    1. softwoods can be recycled as wood products or as fuel
                      1. safest type of wood
                        1. fast growing
                          1. pine, spruce and fir have low energy
                          2. wood labelled FSC is sustainable
                            1. Plastic
                              1. is socially sustainable
                                1. economically sustainable as it contributes to economy
                                  1. some plastics can be recycled
                                    1. mechanical and feedstock recycling
                                      1. if plastic can not be recycled then its calorific value can be recovered through energy from waste from waste plants
                                        1. environmentally unsustainable through the process of making it
                                          1. sustainable plastics made with renewable, compostable and reclaimed materials
                                            1. high quality and low cost
                                              1. can be melted down, reshaped and reused
                                            2. manufacturing processes
                                              1. good and effective machines
                                                1. fully automated, process complex information quickly, perform intricate operations, precise, faster than a human
                                              2. recycle
                                                1. rethink, reuse, reduce, refuse, recycle, replace
                                                  1. home recyclable waste
                                                    1. cardboard, wood, paper, metals, recyclable plastic
                                                    2. glass bottles can be melted down and reused, also can be washed and reused
                                                      1. metals are recyclable as they can be shaped and reused
                                                        1. organic materials
                                                          1. yard and kitchen waste
                                                            1. biowaste can be composted and reused
                                                          2. make sure the resources used can be recycled
                                                            1. wasted materials can be composted and reused
                                                            2. effectiveness
                                                              1. don't get bad habits, have a schedule
                                                                1. time managment
                                                                  1. organized, prioritize, plan in advance
                                                                  2. cost
                                                                    1. deals
                                                                      1. greatest product exposure for the least amount of financial investment. buy a good quality machine and use it lots
                                                                      2. renewable energy
                                                                        1. HEP, wind, solar, motion, biomass, hydrogen and fuel cells, geothermal
                                                                        2. natural fibres
                                                                          1. are an alternative to materials that we use
                                                                            1. pineapple, coconut, hemp, banana
                                                                            2. rethink
                                                                              1. minimize the amount of waste you create
                                                                                1. think of a way to solve the problem that is less damaging to the environment
                                                                                2. reduce
                                                                                  1. reduce the amount of materials wasted
                                                                                    1. help protect resources
                                                                                    2. refuse
                                                                                      1. only accept materials that are the least harmful to the environment
                                                                                        1. refuse materials that are damaging to the environment
                                                                                        2. reuse
                                                                                          1. think whether the material or product has another use
                                                                                            1. think whether the parts can be used in another product
                                                                                            2. repair
                                                                                              1. if a product can be repaired then its life will be extended
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