Social Science Mindmap

Joshua Mandeno
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Joshua Mandeno
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Mind Map Showing What we Learned About In Year 10 Social Science, With links to Jake`s Flash Cards

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Social Science Mindmap
1 Term 1 Development Gap
1.1 MEDC
1.1.1 What this looks like


1.2 LEDC
1.2.1 What this looks like
1.3 Flash Cards


2 Term 2 Human Rights
2.1 Child Slavery
2.2 Flash Cards
2.3 List of Human Rights
3 Term 3 Protest
3.1 Types of protest
3.1.1 Violent
3.1.2 Peacefull
3.1.3 Verbal
3.1.4 Physical
3.1.5 Riots
3.2 Flash Cards
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