Surabhi Bhattarai

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Surabhi Bhattarai
1 My mom: teaches me morals
1.1 My dad: teaches me morals
2 My school: teaches me the importance of knowledge
2.1 Teachers: teach me knowledge and skills I will later use in life
3 Usha: teaches me how to have fun and about nepali culture
4 Gajani: teaches me how to be a leader and exposes me to hindu culture
5 Ahmed: teaches me how to be devoted
6 Affan: teaches me how to be an amazing writer
7 Hussain: teaches me to be kind and try new things
8 Soni: teaches me to value friends
9 Mehin: a friend I like to support
10 Puja: teaches me about Nepali culture
11 Saumya: supports me and inspires me to stay strong through the hardest times
12 My grandparents: expose me to hindusism and traditional values
13 Alejandro (volunteer coordinator): teaches me how to communicate with clients
14 Adnan (volunteer staff): teaches me how create a plan for impacts I want to make in the community
15 Shya: exposes me to the tamil culture and teeaches me to be conservative
16 Methilla: teaches me about tamil culture and gives me advice about life

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