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Diary of a wimpy kid


This is the summary from the book "Diary of a wimpy kid" until the page 20
Mancy Alejandra Perez Arango
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Mancy Alejandra Perez Arango
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Resource summary

Diary of a wimpy kid
  1. That is the Greg's history and his life
    1. The history start when...
      1. Greg's mom bought a journal
        1. He did a deal with her mother and it is write a bit every day
          1. He clarified that isn't a journal, he says it is a book
          2. This is the history until page 30
            1. Do you want read the history? This is the link:
              1. Writer: Jeff Kiney
            2. He wants...
              1. He wants to be a famous and rich person
                1. He will answer stupid people differents questions every day
              2. First day in his school:
                1. He started seventh grade
                  1. The girls think he is goober
                    1. He lise to differents teachers
                      1. A teacher says he will sitting next to his desk
                        1. He is in the middle of Morons
                        2. September 8th
                          1. His brother Rodrick woke up Greg
                            1. His father found Greg woke up in the kitchen
                              1. His father thinks Greg is a liser
                                1. He sayed that happened
                                2. September 9th
                                  1. His little brother drew in his door
                                  2. Rodick
                                    1. Before Rodrick forced to cell Greg type of chocolate
                                      1. Now Rodreick forced Manny to cell his chocolate
                                      2. Manny
                                        1. The worst thing about Manny is when try called him, he says Bubby
                                          1. And his fathers don't say nothing
                                            1. In his birthday, he says "bubby" in front of his friends
                                            2. Cheese
                                              1. A boy has in the fingers cheese
                                                1. Start to run behind Greg and others children
                                                2. Father's Greg
                                                  1. Help to clean Greg room
                                                    1. He doesn't clean Rodrick room
                                                      1. He hates the teenager Lenwood
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