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1 Meanings: Dwellers Around" or "Those on the periphery" or "Surrounding (peri) Householders (oikoi)"
2 Their villages served as a wall or 'buffer zone' against escaping Helots.
3 Autonomous (self-governing) in their own communities.
3.1 Had local citizenship
3.2 Owed allegiance to Sparta and ultimately were under Spartan control
4 Weren't permitted to intermarry with Spartiates
5 Those along the coastline were fishermen, ship builders and the best sailors in the navy.
6 If involved in a case with a Spartiate, were brought before the Ephors for trial
7 Spartan Kings' revenue came from their estates in the lands of the Perioikoi
8 All adult male Perioikoi expected to serve as hoplites alongside Spartiates, although not involved in training
9 Chief contribution to the Spartans was economic - engaged in trade and industry
10 Had no share in formulating Spartan policy
11 Dorian in origin. Lived in approx. 100 scattered communities in the area controlled by Sparta.
12.1 Plutarch, On Sparta: "Lycurgus distributed the rest of Lakonia to the perioikoi in 30,000 lots"
12.2 Many archaeological sources as Perioikoi made up most craftsmen
12.2.1 Bronze figure of Hermes
12.2.2 Limestone funery relief from 5th Century at Petrina
13 Other roles
13.1 Craftsmen of Pottery: Lakonian cups popular
13.2 Manufacturers of furniture, houses, cloth , weapons and armour
13.3 Fishermen And shipbuilders who lived at port of Gythion
13.4 Miners and metalworkers Bronzes
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