Helots Lowest Class

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Helots Lowest Class
  1. State-owned serfs lived with families on lands of Spartiates - could not move without government permission
    1. Main duty: to supply a fixed amount of produce annually to Spartan masters.
      1. Free to make a profit once upkeep of Spartans paid for
      2. Often acted as servants to Spartan soldiers during war - also served as light armed skirmishers in battle
        1. A few freed for bravery or service to the state, but had no civic rights
          1. Dangerous to show too much bravery
          2. Often treated harshly - from time to time killed by the Krypteia (secret police) to keep them under control
            1. Always under suspicion
            2. Constant threat to Spartan security
              1. Were discontented and rebellious
                1. Outnumbered Spartiates approx. 20:1
                  1. Cartledge: “It is hard to avoid the conclusion that the Spartans did…genuinely fear helot revolt-and with reason, in the light of the actual revolt of the mid 460’s"
                    1. Xenophon Hellenica: "Helots, freedmen, lesser Spartiatae, and Perioeci; for whenever among these classes any mention was made of Spartiatae, no one was able to conceal the fact that he would be glad to eat them raw."
                    2. Politically and legally had no rights whatsoever. Only the state could free them or dispose of them
                      1. Pre-Dorian inhabitants conquered by Spartans
                        1. Plutarch: “They used to make the helots drunk and exhibit them to the young as a deterrent from excessive drinking.”
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