Why is the story of Vinny Bolzano important?


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Why is the story of Vinny Bolzano important?
  1. 2a.In this situation Eddie spoke to Catherine about snitching on the Italian cousins and told her about what happened to Vinny who did.
    1. 2b.Eddie and Beartice told Catherine the story of Vinny to teach her a lesson 'Snitched on Freinds and Family and you lose their trust.
      1. 2c.Another reason why the told her was because if she had doubts she knows what would happen.
    2. 4a.Basically the Bolzano family took in their uncle who is an illegal immigrant and Vinny snitched about him to the immigration office his family then threw him in the streets and spat on him in the street and ever since then he hasn't been around.
      1. 4b.The fact that they spat on him in the streets also shows that they are discusting and horrible if they have the guts to spit on their Son or Brother.
        1. 4c.The people who spit show disrespect just as bad he was to his uncle.
      2. 3a.If Catherine was to snitch on Marco and Roldolpho then it would show her to be unloyal and disrespectful towards Eddie and Beartrice who took her in.
        1. 3b.It would also suggest that she didn't follow her family but she followed the government.
          1. 3c.This also shows that she doesn't trust her family.
        2. 1a."There was a family lived next door to her mother, he was about sixteen- his confirmation in Saint Agnes. But the family had an uncle that they were hidin' in the house, he snitched to the immigration." The story of Vinny told by Eddie
          1. 1b.The immigration is the people who decide if your allowed into the country.
            1. 1c.The word 'Snitched' told us that Vinny thought that it was best to tell some, maybe in guilt of commiting a crime.
              1. 1d.This also suggests that he followed the rules but didn't put his family infront of the rules.
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