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Alisha Charles
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  1. LAN (local area network)
    1. advantages
      1. faster connection
      2. hardware needs to connect to your LAN
        1. router
          1. network interface card
            1. switch
              1. wireless acsess point
                1. erthernet cable
              2. disadvanteges
                1. slower connection
                2. WAN (wide area network)
                  1. hardware needed to connect to a WAN
                    1. a collection of networks are connected over a large geographical area (e.g internet)
                      1. ways to connect to a WAN
                        1. using mobile data
                        2. advantages
                          1. it can cover large areas
                          2. disadvantages
                            1. it has lots of security problems
                          3. WPAN (wireless personal area network)
                            1. pairing peripheral devices to a computer system over a short range
                              1. Hardware needed to connect to WPAN
                                1. ways to connect to WPAN
                                  1. using bluetooth
                                  2. advantages
                                    1. you can connect to other devices without a cable
                                    2. disadvanteges
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