Bowenian Transgenerational Systems Theory

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Bowenian Transgenerational Systems Theory
1 Murrary Bowen
1.1 MD
1.2 NIMH Project
1.2.1 Schizophrenic mothers
1.3 Originated in early 1960s
2 Differentiation of Self
2.1 Bowen theorized families are living organisms with identifiable patterns of behavior
2.2 Individuals pulled between two competing needs
2.2.1 Belong to a group and individuals separate from it
2.3 Anxiety present in all families
2.3.1 Those with higher anxiety are emotionally reactive
3 Degree of Differentiation
3.1 Differentiation
3.1.1 Balance; thinking and feeling
3.1.2 Autonomous
3.2 Low Differentiation
3.2.1 Cannot think clearly for themselves
3.2.2 Emotionally reactive
3.2.3 Respond in patterned bxs from family of origin
3.2.4 Low autonomy
3.2.5 Seek love, approval, and comfort in relationships
3.2.6 Fused
4 Triangles
4.1 Smallest stable unit in the family system
4.2 form out of anxiety of 2 person system
4.3 Draws third party into it (often least differentiated person in family)
4.3.1 Crosses generational boundaries
4.3.2 Lessens anxiety
4.3.3 Does NOT solve basic problem
5 Nuclear Family Emotional Process
5.1 Undifferentiated Ego Mass
5.2 Bowen - biological systems to human systems
5.2.1 Interdependent emotional bonds Emotional systems
5.2.2 People select partners with similar differentiation Lower differentiation before marriage; greater fusion between spouses 1. reactive emotional distance between spouses 2. physical or emotional dysfunction in one spouse 3. overt marital conflict 4. projection of problem onto children Undifferentiated individual cut off emotionally or geographically Undifferentiated Ego Mass
6 Sibling Position
6.1 to thoroughly understanding of family functioning
6.2 sibling configuration enables therapist to predict certain roles child may play in family emotional process
6.3 following Toman's work
7 Multigenerational Transmission Process
7.1 all generations part of continuous natural process with each generation pressing up against the next
7.2 emotional response passed down from generation to generation
7.3 process continues until unresolved emotional attachments and fusion resolved
8 Family Projection Process
8.1 undifferentiated parents transmit immaturity or lack of differentiation to children
8.1.1 ex. anxious wife overly involved with one of the children; fused mother/child relationship
9 Extensions of Bowen's Model
9.1 Philip Guerin
9.1.1 1973; Center for Family Learning in NY
9.1.2 Displacement story technique to help family members gain sufficient emotional distance from their problems and to become more self-reflective and less blaming
9.2 Betty Carter
9.2.1 Trained with Guerin
9.2.2 Feminist; specializes in couples (gender equality)
9.3 Monica McGoldrick
9.3.1 Feminist; founded Family Institute of New Jersey
9.3.2 extended model to include role that ethnicity/culture plays in families
9.3.3 believes therapist should not remain neutral re: gender-based imbalances
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