Interventions during childbirth

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Interventions during childbirth
1 Checking Fetal Movements
1.1 An indirect measure of fetal wellbeing
2 Electronic Fetal Monitoring
2.1 A direct measure of fetal wellbeing
2.1.1 Intermittent Every 15 mins in first stage and every 5 mins in second stage Uncomplicated pregnancy Healthy woman and baby
2.1.2 Continuous Intermittent EFM shows baseline FHR under 110 or over 160 Risk factors develop during labour Regular decelerations of FHR
2.1.3 Admission CTG Not supported unless a high-risk pregnancy
2.2 EFM
2.3 EFM
2.4 EFM
2.5 EFM
2.6 EFM
3 Fetal Blood Sample
3.1 WHY?
3.1.1 Determination of metabolic acidosis in fetus Reflection of tissue hypoxia Metabolic acidosis reflects high fetal morbidity
4 Induction of Labour
4.1 WHY?
4.1.1 Woman or fetus is unwell
4.1.2 Convenience for doctors?
4.1.3 Social reasons for women?
4.1.4 Post-term
4.1.5 Psychological factors
4.1.6 Premature rupture of membranes
4.1.7 Preeclampsia/eclampsia
6 Epidural Anaesthesia
6.1 Most effective pain blockage available
6.1.1 Increased rate of Caesarean sections
7 Caesarean Section
7.1 WHY?
7.1.1 Previous caesarean section
7.1.2 Cephalo-pelvic disproportion
7.1.3 Breech presentation
7.1.4 Sinister FHR
7.1.5 Maternal request
7.2 C-section
8 External Cephalic Version
8.1 Breech presentation
8.1.1 RISKS Transient bradycardia Placental abruption Vaginal bleeding Induction of labour
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