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1 Siddartha Gautama
1.1 The Buddha or Enlightened One
1.2 He was born as a prince in India
1.2.1 He lived a sheltered life He finally left and encountered daily challenges He admired the Hindu leaders and their simple life of prayer and meditating He then rejected his luxurious life to seek enlightenment and the source of SUFFERING He spent 5 years practicing extreme conditions with hardly any food or shelter Became the ENLIGHTENED ONE
2 The Essence of Buddism
2.1 The 'middle way of compassion and wisdom'
3 The Four Noble Truths
3.1 To live is to suffer
3.2 The Cause of suffering is self desire and attachments
3.3 The Solution is to eliminate desire and attachment
3.4 To reach Nirvana follow the Eightfold Path
4 The NOble Eightfold Path
4.1 1. Right View
4.1.1 2. Right Attitude 3. Right Speech 4. Right Action 5. Right Livelihood 6. Right Effort 7. Right Mindfulness 8. Right Concentration
5 Nirvana
5.1 Perfect peace, your soul is freed from suffering
5.2 If you follow the Eightfold Path you could attain Nirvana
5.3 The goal of the buddhist path
5.4 It is the escape of the endless cycle of rebirth
6 Types of Buddhism
6.1 Therevada
6.1.1 It is the oldest school of buddhism
6.1.2 Southern Asia
6.1.3 They believe the Buddha was a great teacher not a agod
6.1.4 Lead lives of simplicity and dignity
6.2 Mahayana
6.2.1 wider range of teachings and principles
6.2.2 Northern Asia
6.2.3 They believe the Buddha is a god with many deites They can be saved in their faith in these gods
6.3 Zen
6.3.1 They lead lives of simplicity, harmony and tranqiulity
6.3.2 Medidtation
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