App Inventor Controlled Assessment

Aiden Gardner
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Aiden Gardner
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Mind Map on App Inventor Controlled Assessment, created by Aiden Gardner on 11/04/2014.

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App Inventor Controlled Assessment
1 Skills I will need
1.1 I must have a basic knowledge of app inventor in order to insert the pictures, labels and other components
1.2 If I want to make the buttons actually work I need to know how the blocks in app inventor work and also how to apply them to my work
1.3 I need to make the map and the app look good for people to want to use it
2 Requirements
2.1 What I must do
2.1.1 Make an app telling students how many computers are ready to use in the buildings
2.1.2 Label a minimum of 10 buildings
2.1.3 Have a 'Reserve' and 'Cancel' button on each building
2.2 Extra's
2.2.1 Create a label showing student how many computers are available and where
3 Design
3.1 Layout
3.1.1 Once a building is clicked a pop out will appear with more information about the amount of computers available
3.1.2 The user will see the map in a birds eye view as well as a helicopter view
3.2 Buildings
3.2.1 Buildings will be colour coded: Red - No computers available Green - Computers available Once clicked, the numbers of computers will show
4 Resources I will use
4.1 Two buttons for the reserve and cancel
4.2 Lots of labels to name the different buttons and show what they do
4.3 A counter which moves judging on how many computers are taken
4.4 A lot of blocks to program the buttons to make the app work
4.4.1 Also to make the hidden components work too
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