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  1. rapid coordinator
    1. sensory signals
      1. receptors and
        1. afferent


          • integrated within cNS and efferent and respond
      2. CNS


        • cell body cell membrane dentiritis Axon oligodentricyt nod sheath synapse
        1. central*


          • brain the spinal cord
          1. the brain
            1. the spinal cord
              1. No autonomical of segmentation can be seen in on the surface of spinal cord
                1. Devided into segments
                  1. From each of which arises a pair of spinal cords
                    1. 8 cervical 12 thoracic 5 lumber 5 sacral segments 1 coccygeal
              2. the prepheral
                1. cranial and spinal
                    1. cranial
                      1. 12 pair originated from brain Each pair has a name and number from 1:12
                        1. They may contain only sensory fibers or motor fibers or mixed
                        2. spinal
                          1. To each segment of the spinal cord, One pair of spinal nerves is attached
                      2. afferent and efferent
                        1. Afferent or sensory
                          1. Carries nerves impulses from the periphery to the central N. S
                            1. Inform the CNS about the external and external world through receptors that are sensory to stimuli such as light sound tembrature pressure
                              1. Receptors are specialized structures at the termination of afferent fibers
                            2. Efferent or motor fibers
                              1. They carry nerve impulses from central NS to muscels, glands, and other organs
                          2. Ns
                            1. somatic
                              1. It's the function on the basis of a reflex arc to affect on activities skeletal muscle is voluntary muscles
                              2. Autonomic
                                1. like somatic NS it's organised on the basis of the reflex arc but control the involuntary plane muscles the heart and secreting glands
                              3. ganglia
                                1. paravertebral sympathetic chain
                                  1. on both sides on the vertebral columnis ganglion for each segment of the spinal cord except the cervical region
                                    1. There are only three ganglia
                                      1. superior middle inferior
                                      2. the gp for the sympathetic relay on
                                      3. collateral
                                        1. Present mid way between the spinal cord and viscera الاحشاءat the origin of of the big vessels from abdominal aorta
                                          1. Named according to the vessel coeliac , superior and inferior mesenteric المساريقا ganglia
                                            1. These are for relay of lower thoracicand lumber preganglionic sympathetic fibers
                                            2. terminal
                                              1. Present very near or in the visceral organ itself
                                                1. They are for the relay of cranial and the pelvic الحوضي parasympathatic
                                                    1. The postganglionic fibers are very short 1mmto several Cm s
                                                2. NS
                                                  1. sympathetic
                                                    1. fight
                                                      1. flight
                                                        1. fright
                                                          1. Originated from the lateral horn cells of all thoracic and 3 lumber segments of spinal cord
                                                            1. Function Head and neck (eye skin cerebral circulate) Thorax (heart lung) Abdomen (GIT blood vessels liver spleen adrenal medulla) Pelvis (Git urinary bladder male genital organs)
                                                            2. parasympathatic
                                                              1. rest
                                                                1. digest
                                                              2. sympathetic
                                                                1. head and neck
                                                                  1. The preganglionic neurons originated in the lateral horn of the first and the second thoracic segments
                                                                    1. They ascend يصعد to synapse تشابك عصبي in the cervical ganglia
                                                                      1. The post ganglionic fibers run in the outer coat (sheath) of the blood vessels to the various structures
                                                                      2. eye
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