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English Lang paper 2


set up the questions on paper 2 English language.
Issy Drummond
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Issy Drummond
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English Lang paper 2
  1. Question 1
    1. Select 4 statements out of eight that are true.
    2. Question 2
      1. a comparison question. write a summary of the differences between both texts.
        1. Make a statement, supported quote and make the inference.
      2. Question 3
        1. 'How does the writer use language to...'
          1. Link your points about the writers use of language back to the purpose of the text.
        2. Question 4
          1. 'Compare how the two writers convey their different attitudes to the topic'.
            1. Focus on the attitudes expressed.
          2. Question 5
            1. expressing viewpoints
              1. in the form of: Letter, Article, Leaflet, Speech Essay.
                1. writing to: explain, instruct/advise, argue, persuade.
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