Language Functions

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Different language functions for cognitive processes

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Language Functions
1 Semantic RelationShips
1.1 Learning from the environment
1.1.1 Socially Communication in relation with the environment Cognitively In relation to the objects in the world The child is agent Agency Basic function of early language acquisition agent + action + object The child is learning The basic semantic relationships The child is learning to think
1.2 Problems
1.2.1 Hearing loss Autism Affect language acquisition
1.3 Extended
1.3.1 Expansion Allow To use language child is referring child intends Mom to complete
2 Includes the function of thinking
2.1 Invent new tools
2.2 Solve problems
2.3 create human artifacts
2.4 Economic or poitical systems
3 Socio-cognitive processes
3.1.1 of the human´s Neuro- Semantic LLS
4 Social Intentions
4.1 Greating
4.2 Rejecting
4.3 Existing
4.4 Negating
4.5 Requesting
5 Expanded Language Functions
5.1 Think critically
5.2 Problem solve
5.3 Begins with child´s cognitive development
5.3.1 Concepts expand in meaning Through Language Funcitions
5.4 Displacement
5.4.1 Bigins early Expand throughout a persons thinking
5.5 Semanticity
5.5.1 ideas Lexical tags Lexixon
5.5.2 Meaning through life
5.6 Flexibility
5.6.1 Allow speakers To be flexible
5.6.2 For maxiimun levels of language
5.7 Productivity
5.7.1 Create a variety of linguistic forms For literacy
5.8 Redundancy
5.8.1 More word To communicate a particular meaning Lack sufficient meaning
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