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HSC IPT (Project Management) Mind Map on Planning, created by Skye Boulton on 08/04/2013.

Skye Boulton
Created by Skye Boulton about 6 years ago
Project Management: Week 1
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Skye Boulton
How does the writer bring out the importance of appearance and reality in The Necklace?
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USA and Vietnam (1964-1975) - Part 1
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AQA A-Level Sociology: Gender Differences in Education - Identity, Class & Girls' Achievement
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Expertise in Project Management
Essay Writing: My Essay Plan
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Ch1 - The nature of IT Projects
Introduction notes on SCRUM Project management framework.
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1 Feasibility Study (TOES)
1.1 Technical Organisational Economic Scheduling
2 Choosing most appropriate solution
3 Choose appropriate developmental approaches
3.1 Traditional
3.2 Outsourcing
3.3 Prototyping
3.4 Customisation
3.5 Agile methods
3.6 Participant developement
4 Requirements report
4.1 Details of a timeframe
4.2 Identifies participants
4.3 Details the subprojects and the timeframe for themes
4.4 Identifies relevant information technology
4.5 Identifies data/information
4.6 Identifies the needs of the users

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