Chapter 17 - Management Information Systems

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Chapter 17 - Management Information Systems
1 Explain what is meant by an MIS (4)
1.1 Transforms large amounts of data from DPS into useful information for the business to be managed effectively Uses data from internal and external sources
2 3 levels
2.1 Operational - short term
2.2 Tactical - medium term
2.3 Strategic - long term
3 Main features of an MIS
3.1 Provides management reports required to manage an organisation effectivly. Aggrates information from internal and external sources. Provides financial analysis /business modeling
4 Advanatages of real time processing
4.1 No risk of double booking as record booking prevents same record being updated by 2 people. Instant feedback confriming order has been booked
5 Describe how MIS would help in airline situation
5.1 Operational - Flight level using number of seats booked on flight to detremine seating arrangment
5.2 Tactical - Multi filght or route level using passenger levels to determine price levels or special deals
5.3 Strateigc - High level using passenger statistic to decide on new flight paths or new aircraft
6 internal source of information the libraries could use
6.1 Recommended reading lists so that relevant books are available for students
6.1.1 Already stocked books so no unnecessary ones added
7 external source of information the libraries could use
7.1 Current booklists of publishers/distributors of ICT books . . . so they know who to order the books from/obtain the best prices
7.1.1 Booklists of similar ICT courses at other universities . . . so that the university can compete effectively
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