Issues related

Skye Boulton
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HSC IPT (Information systems and databases) Mind Map on Issues related, created by Skye Boulton on 08/06/2013.

Skye Boulton
Created by Skye Boulton about 6 years ago
IPT Unit 3
Managing communication systems
Skye Boulton
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Skye Boulton
Organisation Methods
Skye Boulton
Storage and Retrieval
Skye Boulton
Information systems
Skye Boulton
Skye Boulton
Issues related
1 Acknowledgement of data sources
2 The Freedom of Information Act
3 Privacy principles
4 Quality of data
5 Accuracy of data & the reliability of data sources
6 Access to data, ownership and control of data
7 Data matching to cross link data
8 Current and emerging trends
8.1 Data warehousing and data mining
8.2 OLAP and OLTP

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