Characteristics of TPS

Skye Boulton
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HSC IPT (Transaction Processing Systems) Mind Map on Characteristics of TPS, created by Skye Boulton on 08/06/2013.

Skye Boulton
Created by Skye Boulton about 6 years ago
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Characteristics of TPS
1 Components of TPS
1.1 Data
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Participant
1.4 Processes
1.5 Information Processes
2 Batch Transaction Processing
2.1 the collection & storage of data for processing at a scheduled time or when there is sufficient data
3 Real Time Transaction Processing
3.1 The immediate processing of data
4 Significance of data validation of TP
5 Historical significance as the first type of information systems
6 Types of TPS
6.1 Web-based
6.2 Non web-based
6.3 Batch
6.4 Online real time
6.5 Systems that appear real time but are actually batch processed

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