War and Peace

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War and Peace
1 Key Words
1.1 Just war- a war which the Christian churches define as acceptable. This must fit a certain criteria.
1.1.1 Just War Theory developed by St Thomas Aquinas: Must be lead by authority, done for the right reasons, avoids killing the innocent, promotes good over evil and is a last resort (ARIEL)
1.2 Pacifism- the belief that it is unacceptable to take part in war and any other form of violence
1.3 Quaker- member of the Society of Friends, a tradition that does not have ministers or a written statement or beliefs
1.4 Terrorism- when groups use violence or the threat of violence to achieve their aims.
1.5 Nuclear war- a war in which nuclear weapons are used
1.6 Nuclear proliferation- the increase in the number of states that have the potential to use nuclear weapons
2 Key Quotes
2.1 "Blessed are the peacemakers"
2.2 "Thou shall not kill"
2.3 "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword"
2.4 "An eye for an eye"
3 Causes of war
3.1 to defend their country against attack
3.2 To defend their beliefs, religion, freedom
3.3 to defend an ally or a weaker country that was unfairly attacked
3.4 to remove their own leader (civil war)
4 Christian reponses
4.1 A large majority oppose to terrorism
4.2 Christianity is based on love and peace
4.3 Show respect for the life of each individual
5 Key Organisations/Figures
5.1 Quakers
5.2 The Mennonites
5.3 Ghandi
5.4 Thomas Aquinas
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