Street Food


Mind map on the different types of street food.
Daniel Davis
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Daniel Davis
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Street Food
  1. What is street food?
    1. Street food is quick food sold in a public place or street. For example, market or football event.
    2. Burger & Fries
      1. Skills: Making own fries, bread making, making own sauce. If chicken burger then portioning a chicken.
        1. Types of burgers: Chicken burgers, Beef Burgers. Fries: Normal fries, spicy & spicy potato wedges. Accompaniments: Dipping Sauce
      2. Calzone
        1. Skills: Dough making, making own sauce.
        2. Tacos
          1. Skills: Portioning a chicken (If using chicken)
          2. Fish & Chips
            1. Filleting a fish, making own sauce & chips.
            2. Hot Dog
              1. Skills: Bread making, making own sauce.
              2. What events are street food sold at?
                1. Football events, Camden Lock, Theme Parks, Music Concerts , Festivals, Firework events.
                2. Desserts
                  1. Cheesecake,
                  2. Starters
                    1. Chicken Wings, Chicken strips, mini pancakes.
                    2. Chicken Curry
                      1. Burrito
                        1. Southern Fried Chicken
                          1. Sausage Rolls
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