Project Plan

Natalia R
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Natalia R
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We create a mind map for our project plan

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Project Plan
1 Getting to know each other
1.1 Mystery Skype
1.2 Visit my country: GoConqr Mind map
1.3 All About Me Padlet
2 Leonardo da Vinci Game
2.1 Google Form: What do you know about LDV?
2.2 Biography Google Slide
2.3 Leonardo's Travel Book
2.4 Games and Quizzes
3 Art and Inventions Corner
3.1 Arts and Crafts
3.2 Inventions
3.3 STEAM Fair or Art Exhibition
4 Closure
4.1 Evaluation
4.2 Dissemination
4.3 Applying for a Quality Label
5 If Leonardo lived today ...discussion
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