Barry Marshall

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Barry Marshall
  1. Feild of Science
    1. Gastroenterology
      1. diseases, structure and function of the digestive system
    2. Contribution to Science
      1. Proved that a Helicobacter pylori infection causes stomach ulcers
        1. Worked with Bob Warren
          1. Pathologist
          2. Drank cultured bacteria to prove his theory
            1. He took antibiotics and was cured from the bacteria
              1. Bacteria did not work on animals
          3. Early Life
            1. Born in Kalgoorlie, Australia
              1. Mining Town
              2. Went to University
                1. University of Western Australia
                  1. Undergraduate medical degree
              3. Inspiration
                1. Bob Warren (Pathologist)
                  1. Marshall changed from being a physician to gastroenterologist
                  2. His Mum (Nurse)
                  3. Qualities that lead to Success
                    1. Persistence
                      1. Selflessness
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