AS Geography Causes of Population Growth

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AS Geography Causes of Population Growth
1 Environmental
1.1 Frequency of hazards
1.2 Environmental conditions that breed disease
2 Health
2.1 Control of disease
2.2 Birth control measures
2.3 Infant mortality rates
2.4 Diet and malnutrition
2.5 Number of doctors and nurses
2.6 Sexual Health
2.7 Sanitation
3 Education
3.1 Health education
3.2 The age at which compulsory schooling finishes
3.3 Levels of tertiary education
3.4 Literacy levels
4 Social
4.1 Levels of care for the elderly
4.2 availability of radio and other forms of media
4.3 clean water supply
5 Political
5.1 Taxation to support services
5.2 Strength of the economy
5.3 Impact of war and conflicts
5.4 Access to healthcare and contraception
6 Cultural
6.1 Religious attitudes to birth control
6.2 Status gain from having children
6.3 The role of women in society
6.4 Sexual morality
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