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1 Surrealism originated in the late 1910's and early 1920's
1.1 It is a literary and art movement
1.2 It was created to express the imagination and free the conscious mind of control and reason
1.2.1 Its origins can be traced back to French poets such as Arthur Rimbaud and Charles Baudelaire Their poetry drew from the private parts of the mind and created surprising and unexpected imagery They were no longer restricted by traditional reasons and expectations
1.3 It was offically founded in Paris in 1924
1.3.1 The manifesto of surrealism by the poet Andre Breton Surrealism became a political and international movement
2 Artists who first worked on the Surrealism art movement Max Ernst, Andre Masson and Man Ray
2.1 In 1927 artist Rene Magritte moved to Paris and became a leading figure in the Surrealist movement
2.2 Magritte painted erotic and explicit objects in unsusal positions and in dreamlike surroundings
2.3 Magritte's work was a distinctive split between the visual atomatism created by Masson and the new form of illusionistic surrealism by Salvador Dali
2.3.1 His painting "The Eternally Obvious" was highly thought provoking and shocking
3 In 1929 Dali moved to Paris also to create his first Surrealist paintings
3.1 He expanded on Magritte's dream of surrealism but added his own visions and ideas
3.1.1 Brenton praised Dali's representations of the unconscious mind in his second manifesto of surrealism They later both became collaborators on the Minotaure a mainly surrealist publication in Paris
3.2 The Accommodations of Desire painted by Dali in 1929 was to symbolize his own desires
4 The surrealist movement began to come to an end as World War One approached
5 Breton, Ernst, Masson and Dali all left Europe for New York
5.1 The movement found some renewal in American
6 Surrealism's imagery, symbolism, refined techniques and rebellion against the traditional has influenced many other artists
6.1 Artists including Joseph Cornell and Arshile Gorky's work clearly takes influence from the surrealist movement
6.2 Surrealism's impact on the art world can still be seen today in modern advertising