Gas Exchange

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GCSE Biology (Gas Exchange) Mind Map on Gas Exchange, created by 9arush on 08/11/2013.

Created by 9arush about 6 years ago
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Gas Exchange
1 Keywords
1.1 Ventilation
1.1.1 Bringing in fresh air & removing stale air.
1.1.2 Maintaining concentration gradient
1.2 Gas Exchange
1.2.1 Process of swapping one gas for another
1.2.2 Occurs in alveoli - where there are capillaries & tissues
1.3 Respiration
1.3.1 The production of ATP
1.3.2 Occurs in the cytoplasm & mitochondria of cells
2 The Mechanics of breathing
2.1 Breathing in ( Inspiration)
2.1.1 External intercostal muscles contract Ribs move upwards & outwards
2.1.2 Diaphragm contracts & moves down
2.1.3 Volume in chest increases
2.1.4 Air rushes into lungs & they inflate
2.1.5 Pressure decreases lower than atmospheric pressure
2.2 Breathing out (Expiration)
2.2.1 External Intercostal muscles relax Ribs move downwards & inwards
2.2.2 Diaphragm relaxes & moves upwards
2.2.3 Volume in chest decreases
2.2.4 Air rushes out of lungs & they deflate
2.2.5 Pressure increases higher than atmospheric pressure

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