Alveoli Features & Breathing

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GCSE Biology (Gas Exchange) Mind Map on Alveoli Features & Breathing, created by 9arush on 08/11/2013.

Created by 9arush about 6 years ago
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Alveoli Features & Breathing
1 Alveoli features
1.1 Diffusion distance
1.1.1 Single layer of cells - rapid gas exchange
1.2 Increased surface area
1.2.1 Great number of alveoli
1.3 Dense network of capillaries
1.3.1 Supply of blood with low O2 & high CO2 concentration
1.4 Secretion of fluid
1.4.1 Allows gases to dissolve & prevent sides of alveoli sticking
1.5 Cilia
1.5.1 fine 'hairs' on cell surface
1.5.2 Beat in a co-ordinated way to carry mucus ( with trapped microbes & dust) away from the lungs
1.6 Goblet cell
1.6.1 Produces sticky mucus & releases it onto the cell surface
2 Breathing
2.1 At rest
2.1.1 CO2 level & blood pH are kept at safe level
2.2 During exercise
2.2.1 more air must be breathed in & out as muscle have to work harder
2.2.2 Deeper more rapid breathing More CO2 lost from lungs
2.2.3 Deeper more rapid heartbeat More blood pumped to tissues to carry CO2 away

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