Kidney Failure & Treatment

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Kidney Failure & Treatment
  1. Kidney disease
    1. Causes
      1. Infection
        1. Diabetes
          1. Long-term high blood pressure
          2. Little damage causes little problems
          3. Kidney Failure
            1. Occurs when kidney function is less than 30% of their normal function
              1. The body can be affected badly by lack of kidney function
                1. Toxins are dangerous & can cause
                  1. Coma
                    1. Heart attack
                      1. Death
                    2. Dialysis Treatment
                      1. Normally carried out 3 x a week for 4 hrs
                        1. Done in hospital with medical supervision
                          1. Process
                            1. 1) Needles are inserted into veins & Arteries
                              1. 2) Blood flows through a tube to the filter
                                1. Filter is called a Dialyser
                                2. 3) Filtered blood is returned to the patient
                              2. Kidney Transplant
                                1. The diseased kidney can also be replaced by a healthy donor kidney
                                  1. The Kidney could be rejected by the immune system
                                    1. Antigens on the surface of cells tell your WBC's your cells are self cells
                                      1. antibodies are released to attack & destroy foreign & unrecognised cells
                                      2. Blood & tissue type checks must be carried out before a donation
                                      3. Problems
                                        1. Transplant patients have to take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their lives
                                          1. A transplant last only 8 yrs on average
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