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Mind Map on GRAFT-WEB, created by Radhika Boddu on 01/22/2019.
Radhika Boddu
Mind Map by Radhika Boddu, updated more than 1 year ago
Radhika Boddu
Created by Radhika Boddu over 3 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Reports
    1. HTML Reporting with Screenshots
      1. can take screenshots for all or only for failed ones
      2. Email reports
        1. Recipients are configurable by module wise and suite wise
        2. Archiving Results
          1. Module Wise Reporting
          2. Misc
            1. All are configurable, can enable/ disable for any execution
              1. Capture Broken links
                1. Log Broken links in a txt file
                  1. Display links in HTML report which is configurable
                2. Capture Javascript Errors
                  1. Log Errors in a txt file
                    1. Display errors in HTML report which is configurable
                  2. Capture Page Loadtime
                    1. Display loading time for each page on HTML report
                3. Read Data
                  1. Supports Excel, Json, XML, Database
                  2. Integration
                    1. Integration with ALM, JIRA(Bug Tracking tools)
                      1. CI Integration
                        1. Can be Integrated with Cucumber, Sikuli, Winnium
                        2. Execution
                          1. Parallel Execution
                            1. No.of threads count is configurable to run parallel
                            2. Cloud Execution
                              1. Run on BrowserStack/ SauceLab/ Selenium Grid
                              2. Execution in multiple Test environments
                                1. Testdata varies based on specified environment
                                2. Cross Browser Testing
                                  1. Supports Chrome, FF, Edge and Safari
                                  2. Scheduling of Test Execution
                                    1. Execution starts at specifiec time
                                      1. Can schedule each module execution
                                      2. Re-execute Failed scripts
                                        1. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems
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